Just like kombucha, but tastier.

Bold, botanical & fermented pineapple drink - at 6 calories a pop.

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Inspired by ancient Mexico

Tepache has been brewed in Mexico since pre-Columbian times.

Our recipe is made with organic pineapples grown happily in the sun. We extract all their goodness, toss in the peel, then let it all ferment with a dash of cinnamon & ginger.

Organic pineapples & 100% vegan

Our non-alcoholic sparkling drink is made from organic pineapples. It contains live cultures, it's vegan, low-sugar and oh-so blissful. At 6 calories a pop, you just can’t beat it!

Oh and we rescue 40% of the pineapple’s weight instead of sending it to landfill.

4% for good

From all the profits we make, we donate 4% of it to charitable causes.

2% will go to our passion: to eliminate food waste with The Felix Project. They work tirelessly with suppliers across the UK to save excess food and share it with people in need.

For the other 2% - we leave that to you.